FLOOR and the ROOM ecosystem

FLOOR plays an integral role in the MOCA ROOMs ecosystem. They are blueprint NFTs with a single attribute: Slots. For example, if a FLOOR has 8 slots, it can be redeemed for a ROOM that also contains 8 NFT Slots.

Daily NFT Auctions

Below you find today's auction. Every day a new FLOOR NFT is randomly generated. You can find the probabilities in the MOCA wiki. Click "Learn More" to open it or join our Discord and ask your questions there.


The Museum of Crypto Art is expanding. ROOMs are interoperable Metaverse art galleries that further decentralize M○C△’s collection and curation. ROOMs are highly-adaptable 3D NFTs that empower holders to independently curate, exhibit, and deploy virtual shows across virtual worlds.

With ROOMs, MOCA wants to reimagine digital art experiences while challenging the very idea of “Architecture” and “Museum” in the metaverse. Daily auctions (using technology forked from NounsDAO) enable an organic growth of the ecosystem. ROOMs are built on top of the M○C△ Multipass and M○C△ Show products so that holders can readily deploy art collections into their favorite metaverses and beyond.

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